"Since we cannot hold in person workshops this year, we encourage you to try these cultural
institutions, museums, and archives websites, tours, exhibits, and interesting stories. Enjoy!"

Rose Fine-Meyer - President of the Ontario Heritage Fairs Association


Canadian Museum of History




Archives of Ontario

Links to their online exhibits,

Select a jigsaw puzzle from those available on the Archives of Ontario’s website 

 (Note: links to a third-party website)

Read through the Archives of Ontario’s ANIMALIA: Animals in the Archives exhibitcomplete the quiz at the end.

 The Archives of Ontario's James Bay Treaty exhibit is written in English, French, and some parts in Cree. Suggest students make use of the Talking Syllabic Chart created by our project partner Omushkego Education to learn how to pronounce one word by sounding out/combining the syllables, and then try to read the Cree titles and questions in the exhibit.

 You might start with  (hello) – lots of examples here.

 AO scavenger hunt questions, based on their website:

  In what year did the Archives of Ontario start collecting, preserving, and making records available?
 [A: 1903, shown here]

How many maps are there at the Archives of Ontario?
 [A: 113,300, shown here]

 The Archives of Ontario has a document created by a man named Tom Elice in 1854 displayed on our website – but what kind (or format/type) of document is it? [A: letter, shown here]

The Archives of Ontario has a copy of a treaty in our collections which covers 2/3 of the landmass of the province, was signed in 1905 and 1906, and made between Canada, Ontario, and Ojibway and Cree peoples. Which treaty is it?   [A: The James Bay Treaty (Treaty No. 9), shown here and here]

Head to the Archives of Ontario’s YouTube channel – how many videos are there in French?

[A: five; FYI that eight videos do in fact have French titles, but two of those are English content subtitled in French, and the eighth is “Ontario a la carte,” which is a video totally in English]

Fort Henry

Fort Henry - Behind the scenes tour


Murney Tower Museum

Introduction to the Murney Tower

Pier 21--Countless Journeys



Canadian Museum of Human Rights Tour



Library and Archives Canada



A collection of online exhibits by Museums across Canada


Online with the ROM


Northern Ontario/Indigenous tours


Black History Society-tours, interviews, stories