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- SHARING OUR STORIES - Digital Projects - 2018

OHFA received a Multicultural Community Capacity Grant from Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration to expand our Heritage Fairs projects to also incorporate digital projects.

The grant allows us to expand and particularly supports the stories of immigrant and refugee women and children. We are focused on stories about migration and settlement--recent immigration histories-- as well as those from the past. OHFA students already focus on these stories for their Heritage Fair projects, and we are thrilled now to provide an additional option to place these stories in a digital format-- to celebrate the diversity of our shared history in Ontario to a broader audience too.

We have taken steps to advance this digital project work by partnering with a great film company, Enigmatico Films, under the direction and guidance of an Ontario educator Patricia Fogliato. They are almost finished their preparations to launch this project in January. 2018.  And we are very excited to begin this work. Our funds for this project must be distributed by March, 2018 so we need to establish those who will be participating so they can benefit from this funding.

Similar to Young Citizens, we will be able to provide some financial support (but not as much as YC, however) for your work in creating these projects. Patricia Fogliato will provide ALL the step by step support materials and resources you will need to complete these projects. She will set up a link on our website for teachers and students to upload their short digital projects.

If your Regional Heritage Fair site is interested in participating in this new initiative please contact

Rose Fine-Meyer, President of OHFA