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The Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) is proud to support the Ontario Historica Fairs Program.
The OGS will offer the following award to one student at each regional fair:

“ In recognition of outstanding student achievement for research that includes the application of genealogic research.”

The selected student will receive two books, The Beginners Guide to Genealogy and The Beginners Guide to Ontario Genealogy

The selected student will receive a year’s membership in the Ontario Genealogical Society.

Genealogy Books will also be donated to the selected student’s school library.

Project must include research that records the history of someone who lived in or is living in what is now Ontario (formerly Canada West, Upper Canada, or Quebec Colony, parts were in Rupertsland, Northwest Territories, and Manitoba).
This person may be living or dead, famous or not. It could even be you!

Project work may include an important event in an individual’s life, which should at least include place of origin; reason for coming to Ontario (if outside Ontario); information about family and careers.